Inventorying best practise

3rd December 2019

With the most demanding of clients, and a desire to offer the best possible service in an increasingly competitive market, what identifiers associated with inventorying should a wine warehouse consider?

Tariffs to hurt the fine wine market and how to mitigate their effect

4th November 2019

From 18th October French, Spanish, German and UK wines were subjected to a 25% import tariff on wines less than 14° alcohol by volume (ABV). That lets off much of Spanish output and hotter Mediterranean regions.

Should you be bending software into wine shape?

15th May 2019

Should you be bending software into wine shape or going a de-risked route, of a core business platform that’s specific to the business of wine?

How wine tech can help you win new customers and keep them happy (and make you happy too).

3rd May 2019

What sort of things can tech help you do to put you in pole position, and provide an effective framework to execute your value-based, customer-centric business proposition?

The Wine Cellarage in New York transforms business offering with SaaS fine wine management

17th April 2019

Storage customers of The Wine Cellarage (TWC) can now go online to view, track and explore their fine wines in storage and can also catalogue their wines stored at home.

The Wine Cellarage switches WMS

17th March 2019

The Wine Cellarage not only sells the best wines in the world but can store your valuable wine collection at our world class facility located in the heart of New York City.

KNIGHT FRANK – The Wealth Report 2019

6th March 2019

From geopolitical shifts to luxury spending trends, The Wealth Report 2019 brings together the latest intelligence and the sharpest insights into the issues that matter most to the world’s wealthy.

The advent of the Market Network

5th February 2019

The vision of a sharing economy is a far-reaching and powerful model that is beginning to shape current business practices by leveraging technology and allowing individuals to act as producers, entrepreneurs, collaborators, financiers and a myriad other roles.

Data integrity in the fine wine market

15th January 2019

The fine wine market suffers from poor data management and a lack of standardization of product descriptions.

Wine Owners hits USD 1bn milestone

1st November 2018

Wine Owners started business in the global centre of Fine Wine, London, in 2013. The brainchild of Co-Founder and CEO Nick Martin and the result of brilliant software engineering from Co-Founder and CTO Wolter Visscher, the Wine Owners platform was created to organise and track the personal wine collections of sophisticated wine collectors and wine enthusiasts from around the world.