Case Study

Corney & Barrow

“The best customer reserves management system available.


Wine Owners demonstrated a focus on the needs of the private customer and an understanding of what we are about – to offer the best service and functionality for those customers wishing to store, buy and sell wine.”

Adam Brett-Smith
Managing Director of Corney & Barrow

C&B is one of the oldest wine merchant in the UK, having been founded in 1780. It is also one of the most prestigious merchants in the world, exclusively representing the Domaine de la Romanée Conti and the wines of Mouiex.

In 2013, C&B decided to improve its proposition to its very large base of private clients storing with them.

By entering into a relationship with Wine Owners, C&B was able to create a world-class private reserves management client proposition, fully integrated with their back office, encompassing valuation and delivery functions that enhance the user experience.


  • Gain a competitive advantage in the delivery of a private client reserve management offering to its thousands of customers.
  • Apply technology to positively support a personal service client ethos.
  • Attract new private clients to store with C&B.
  • Online reporting and downloads on stored wines 24/7.
  • Provide a full digital asset management system for wine information that C&B is able to update itself without practical limitations.

White label Solution

Engage private clients by providing them online access to their stored wines

With stored wine encompassing the greatest producers in the world, as well as less iconic wines from their fine wine portfolio, C&B needed to provide online access and do justice to all fine wines purchased from them by their private clients.

Support personal service

With a very large private client base, it’s difficult to deliver consistent personal service for all.

Technology brings multiple efficiencies and helps deliver a consistently focused service to each client’s needs.

For example, being able to log in as an administrator and to discuss a client’s wine collection whilst sharing the same screen views and information.

Corney & Barrow selects Wine Owners

24/7 reporting

Instead of periodic wine reserves reports mailed to clients, they can now log on and see details of their stored collection at will.

Digital asset and content management

With so many important exclusivities within their fine wine portfolio, C&B need total control over what content is shown per wine and per producer, and how they wish the wine to display.

The Wine Owners platform provides total flexibility over content and wine descriptions.


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