Wine data

The Wine Owners database is structured at a granular field level to construct display names consistently within regions of production according to each region’s most commonly used display protocols. 

By matching your existing product data to the Wine Owners referential database there will be consistency of naming convention, and of display protocols, that are standardised according to best practise at wine region level.

There is also a brand-level option to create your own display names (for example if you prefer ‘short’ display names) that is linked to the referential database, so you have flexibility to determine how your names display. In this case short names will display to users and admin staff. The vast majority of businesses use the Wine Owners’ standard reference names.

Wine references are associated to information and rich content encompassing key wine attributes, images, reviews, scores, drinking windows and producer profiles. 

Wine data features

  • Properly structured data model that is specifically designed for wine records, with a referential database and associated wine information related to each product reference (wine vintage level).
  • Platfrom validation of all data fields at time of input as much as is possible/practical (with obvious exceptions such as new custom wines).
  • Wine-specific matching technology (with ETL tools).
  • Market pricing database for each wine with up to 13 years’ history

Should you choose to do so, you will also be able to create your own alternative wine display names, without altering the long form referential record. This maintains the database integrity, whilst allowing for individual variation of display protocols.