Electronic and print-ready wine lists

A custom designed wine list can be generated that is fed by the Hub ERP or the WMP inventory management system.

The information that a business wishes to display to its clients is defined, and is either picked up from the referential database, or custom data fields can be set up on the fly that are then populated by administrator users and fed into the wine list.

In conjunction with the Hub ERP selling prices can be calculated based on gross profit margins or manual markup of purchase prices. 

The wine list is completely configurable and can show any combination of information as long as it’s already in the database or entered into custom fields, and in any sequence. Text, images, videos can be combined. Different sections can be set up e.g. main list, by the glass, sommelier recommendations, events and banqueting.

Wine list features

  • Your own design
  • Classic wine list
  • Tablet optimised and responsive across all devices
  • Detailed tasting notes, scores
  • Drinking windows
  • Prices graphs
  • Producer profiles
  • Order in any sequence including fine dining order designed by a leading Master Sommelier
  • Create wine cards for events
  • Downloadable print-ready high resolution format

In conjunction with the Hub, re-ordering alerts can be set at stock levels of your choosing for house wines and standard lines, that creates a draft purchase order for review.