Inventory management

The wine management platform (WMP) and the Hub ERP manage fine wine inventories of different types wherever they are stored. The system is designed to handle any of the inventory types common to wine.

Additionally the platform will differentiate inventories owned by a business, and reserves that are owned by customers but managed by a company. A single platform will be able to manage your own inventory alongside customer stocks and  consigned stocks.

The following inventory types are supported by the platform:

  • Physical inventory
  • En primeur
  • Overseas
  • In transit due
  • Virtual stock offered by wholesalers/ importers
  • Consigned
  • Brokerage

See Compliance, shipping and tax for tax status options.

The platform will support as many locations as you choose to set up, and each location can be parameterized according to conditions such as tax status.

Inventories can be managed in the Hub ERP by retailers, clubs and Ontrade, within the WMS by warehouses, and in an inventory management set up for private reserves management where businesses store wine on behalf of their private clients.

Referential Wine data ensures that wine is accurately entered in the first place, reduces the risks of errors, and associates the wine entry with product and producer information.