Omnichannel and multichannel selling

Today a business system must go well beyond a traditional ERP if it is to help a company capitalize on market opportunity, and connect sources of supply, channels to market and partners.

Multi-channel selling will enable concurrent listing of the same wine on e-commerce, trading exchanges and any other channels, and when a transaction occurs through one channel the stock will be adjusted or removed from the other(s), thanks to real-time integrations and multi-channel functionality.

The Hub ERP’s connectivity opens up new potential for:

  • Increasing stock positions without the cost of carry by integrating importer/ wholesaler/ exchange stock positions as virtual stock
  • Configuring ecommerce and POS so that stock, information and rich content is all mastered by the Hub to enable true omnichannel selling
  • Extending market reach through integrating digital sales partners, enabling your aggregate stock position to be offered for sale concurrently through multiple channels 

The Hub is preconfigured with connections to Livex, Wine-Searcher, and the Wine Owners trading exchange, thanks to open APIs and open data formats and can be used to open up stock positions between market participants. 

Omnichannel/ Multichannel benefits

  • The Hub ERP integrates via APIs with pre-existing website or can be delivered with low-cost, fully-featured ecommerce and POS
  • All company sales channels are served by the Hub ERP
  • Seamless connections to a growing range of channels available in today’s fine wine market open up the broadest possible addressable market
  • Additional channels can be added so that stockholders can offer as widely as they wish and sell through the most effective sales trading channels.
  • Connect your private clients’ within their stored wine with class-leading, white-labelled online collection management to deepen customer relationships and develop secondary market income.