Private client reserves management

Wine Owners operates the world’s only integrated fine wine management and information platform (WMP) that can be own-branded (white labelled) and that is highly configurable to specific business requirements.

In every case we deliver to the brand owner a world-class, wine-specific, content-driven solution for the most demanding and informed of audiences.

Deployed by wine merchants, retailers and warehouses, the platform is configured as a private client reserves management platform that delivers an immersive experience to clients who are able to explore their entire wine collection and wines stored for them by a wine business.

Refined over many years based on feedback from hundreds of collectors, the platform is a key business tool for investing in and enhancing high potential value client relationships.

Private client reserves management features

  • Standardized wine names with region of production structure
  • Purchase price, date & source
  • Current price, net gain/ loss, and charting history of individual wines 
  • Charting comparison tool
  • Drinking dates, personalised drinking dates per user and tasting notes
  • Critics reviews, scores
  • Producer profiles
  • Wine passport including uploading of inspection photos & reports, invoices, landing documents and which is integrated with the landing functionality.
  • Collection report download for storage facility and client’s whole collection
  • Comprehensive reporting suite and options, with downloads in both CSV and own-branded PDF formats
  • Analysis and reporting

A comprehensive administrative suite gives the business owner all the tools required to professionally manage a private client reserves offering. Functionality includes:

  • Manage customers/ users 
  • Update content/ add static pages
  • A very large suite of reports to run
  • Define events and associated client notifications/ communications