Self directed brokerage and consignment

As the fine wine market digitizes, the expectations of private clients grow. Many desire to ‘self-direct’ when it comes to selling, just as is possible in other markets that have substantially migrated their business model online.

There is an option to configure private client reserves management with a self-directed brokerage option that connects storage clients, via a dynamic, transparent price discovery process, to your ecommerce platform or Hub Webshop

Businesses operating self-directed brokerage or consignment have the further option to review pending offers for sale prior to listing, both to ensure obvious mistakes have not been made, and to allow the taking of condition images and an inspection prior to approving and setting offer for sale live via API.

Self directed brokerage and consignment features

  • Transparent price discovery process with real time calls to Wine-Searcher and price analysis
  • Net proceeds calculation with configurable commission rates 
  • Optional review stage configuration for safe operation of self-directed selling
  • API integration to an existing ecommerce platform or fully pre-integrated with the Hub Webshop
  • Operates in conjunction with multichannel selling capabilities to reach the broadest possible addressable market
  • Comprehensive notification framework to communicate status and transaction events to clients, customised to a business’s requirements 
  • Access controls for offered wines to determine available actions on a customized basis