The Hub ERP

The Hub is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP business system, designed from the ground up for fine wine.

ERP’s typically include inventory management, purchasing and sales, customer information management/ CRM tasks, workflow management and accounting.

The Hub includes all those core functions needed by a wine business, along with integrations with mainstream SME accounting packages. 

Further options for a truly affordable omnichannel solution mastered by the Hub include a low-cost native ecommerce platform and POS integration.

The Hub is equally adept at the fundamentals intended to simplify the day to day running of core business operations, as it is at connecting a business to its channels to market and sources of supply. See Omnichannel and multichannel selling.

Hub benefits

  • No compromise. Designed from the ground up to manage the specific needs of the fine wine sector
  • Built upon a powerful referential database of fine wine products and associated information so you don’t have to originate content from scratch
  • Able to manage all stock and transaction types. An ERP designed to fit with the fine wine industry’s unique inventorying needs 
  • Best of breed. Integrates via APIs with other software that a fine wine business utilizes to be fully operational including accounting software, e-commerce and POS
  • Provide seamless connections to a growing range of channels available in today’s fine wine market to open up the broadest possible addressable market
  • Utilities for connecting up warehouses and suppliers in those cases where they don’t operate APIs, to make reconciliations much easier, and to reliably bring more stock into play.
  • Connect your private clients’ within their stored wine with class-leading, white-labelled online collection management to deepen customer relationships and develop secondary market income.