Warehouse management (WMS)

Wine Owners operates the world’s only wine-specific warehouse management and inventorying platform (WMP) that’s integrated with client-facing collection management and optional add-ons for self-directed consignment and e-commerce integration. The system can be own-branded and configured to your specific business requirements.

The platform is deployed within professional warehouses worldwide and can also be configured for inventorying within fine-wine on-trade or retail environments.

A complete solution that will ensure accurate landing and inventorying of stock, full warehouse functionality, and a total client-facing fine wine information and cellar management platform that’s fully integrated. 

Deep integration between collection management, trading options and inventorying functions delivers on evolving expectations of private collectors for fully-functional online access and related services.

WMS features

  • Referential database of 370,000 wine vintages ensures accurate landings
  • Wine passport captures condition report and images with workflow management for client communication
  • Extensive admin and reporting for customer and data management.
  • Pre-advice and landing wine workflow designed for accuracy and speed
  • Flexible barcoding schema 
  • Visual warehouse map including traffic light system to show location loads
  • Flexible options for put away
  • Functions designed to make moving and consolidating cases and bottles easy
  • Stock reconciliation processes by location, client and blind
  • Fully automated interfaces to other third party systems
  • Billing calculation function allows for volume discounts, VIPs, one-off deals, and any periodicity
  • Integration or file export into accounting

The WMS’s features have been designed to reflect best practices, recognizing the importance of work processes that support accuracy and efficiency.