Wholesaler/ importer workflow management

The amount of stock retailers can carry is constrained by capital, nor is it always the most efficient use of capital if that same money can be put to work finding new customers and building relationships, or investing in systemization and digitization of the business. Yet the ability to sell through different channels-to-market presents an opportunity for retailers to sell more stock to a broader addressable market..

Whether shippers, importers, wholesalers or négoces, many of these sources of supply lack APIs which makes it too complicated for retailers to represent their stocks without committing to stock up-front.

The wholesaler/ importer function connects with the Hub ERP to enable a retailer to take in inventory lists from suppliers, filter by stock position and other parameters, determine an optimal margin vs market, and list for sale as ‘virtual’ inventory. The Hub then generates a supplier purchase order back-to-back with a sale. This benefits the supplier, retailer and customers.

Wholesaler/ importer workflow management features:

  • Sophisticated import function for lists of inventory from trusted suppliers
  • Margin optimization taking into account target gross profit and evaluation of best market offers via live calls
  • Delta file process for frequent updates
  • Integrates with Hub ERP’s inventory management, that can manage all types of inventory including virtual stock
  • Omnichannel capability will list for sale virtual stock in webshop and make it available for other sales channels including telephone sales and shop
  • Supplier purchase order automatically generated when stock sells

This Hub ERP add-on is proven to deliver a fast return on investment, and immediately unlocks new market opportunities for retailers and wholesalers alike.