Wine Storage Companies

A complete storage management proposition suited to fine wine, and that will ensure accurate landing of stock, full warehouse functionality, whilst delivering a total client-facing fine wine information-rich, cellar management solution.

  • An integrated approach to sector-specific warehouse management software (WMS)
  • Information-rich on-line collection management for storage clients that is fully integrated with the WMS
  • Partner-integrated solutions for compliance, Interstate rules and tax in the USA and excise management software in the UK

End-to-end solution

  • Online client access to stored wines via a configurable collection management platform
  • Product definitions, data, valuations, reviews and price graphs for over 370,000 fine wines
  • Standardised fine wine descriptions for improved accuracy of stocks integrated with inbounding and landing wine workflow and inventorying
  • Warehouse maps including location loading, customer wine-location(s) look up.
  • Barcode/ license plate production and scanner-integration for flawless put-away, movements and consolidations.
  • Stock take and reconciliation
  • Configurable billing engine that includes parameters for volume discounts, special offers and one-offs.
  • Configurable picking and outbound/ shipping processes
  • Trading options include self-directed brokerage automation, e-commerce integration and a trading exchange.

“Our wine collector clients immediately fell in love with the look and feel of our new inventory system. I have seen a 50% increase of clients accessing their accounts via our new Nest Egg portal, and this has provided me with a great opportunity to connect with our clients.

The Wine Owners team rose to the challenge and provided insightful guidance and expertise helped shape the solution”.

Joel Rubins
Vice President of Private Collector Services

Value we bring

  • Industry-specific warehouse management functionality and a distillation of wine storage best practise, combined with a best-of-breed client portal for collection management of their stored wines (client reserves management). A unique combination guaranteeing you meet or exceed the expectations and needs of storage clients. Increases client loyalty and spend, and extends their warehouse relationship.   
  • Full suite of warehouse management functionality combined with with fine wine inventorying at its core substantially improves the speed with which wines can be landed, inventoried and allocated to space. Underpinned with a large wine reference database that reduces errors, improves the accuracy and consistency of wine descriptions and reduces client queries and mis-picks.
  • Innovative, compliant solutions integrate with the warehouse and client facing reserves management including self-directed consignment or brokerage and integration with a 2-sided marketplace. This delivers on the needs of consumers with wine collections and opens up a new revenue stream that’s proven to deliver a very fast return on investment within a year.