Case Study

The Wine Cellarage

“All in all Wine Owners is a supremely capable database and software product designed with the wine operations professional in mind. The inbound process has become more streamlined yet it captures more detail using the software interface and the underlying reference database of wines. The outbound process can now be initiated by the customer without any intervention on our part. Also, the flexibility provided by the billing module gives us customization options we did not have before.”

Lars Neubohn

The Wine Cellarage selected Wine Owners in 2018 to upgrade their service offering within their New York City fine wine storage business.

As a storage business and e-commerce retailer, they identified opportunities for integrating aspects of the two lines of business in order to create new customer propositions.

Like many other wine warehouses, The Wine Cellarage had previously used a generic warehouse management system (WMS) that had been adapted as much as it was possible to the fundamentals of their business. However they concluded that in order to upgrade their overall business offering, they needed a platform that was capable of upgrading their wine storage operations, and of connecting their business operations more tightly with their clients.


The Wine Cellarage was looking for a platform that would facilitate accurate landing of wines, and make better use of warehouse space.

A platform that would provide their clients with a depth of information in respect of their stored wines sufficient to inform their drinking and collection management decisions.

Provide their clients with tools to catalogue and organise their wines stored elsewhere.

Offer an easy process for offering wine for sale stored at The Wine Cellarage.


A comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) engineered from the ground-up for fine wine.

World-class collection management integrated with the WMS giving The Wine Cellarage’s clients real-time access to their stored wines, related information and associated services for price discovery, valuation and sales.

Complete collection management for wine stored in any location has provided the platform to deliver services that enable The Wine Cellarage to review entire collections for their clients.

A self-service brokerage work flow, integrated with ecommerce, that makes it easy for clients with stored wines to offer them for sale, with sophisticated price discovery to give clients the market data upon which to arrive at informed pricing decisions.

Improved efficiency and accuracy in warehouse – such as in the landing of wine, in inspecting and condition recording, consolidation of packs, and flexible billing rules in support of acquisition and marketing initiatives.